We can offer you various full-day routes. These destinations are reached solely and exclusively through black forest roads and paths (no passes on asphalt). Find the routes of the Romans and your forefathers. Look where they’ve passed through when there were no cars.

Full-day routes:

To Zdravetz hut 
To Byala Cherkva peak
To Bognyovitza peak 
To Koprivkite peak 
To Srednite Livadi area 
To Dobralak village

To Orehovo village
To Hvoyna and Malevo villages
To Persenk peak
To Lyaskovo village
To Yavorovo village
To Kosovo village  

Sitovo village
Lilkovo village
Varhovrah peak
Anton Ivanovtsi dam lake

In several-days tours we offer routes to: Chudnite Mostove, Pamporovo, Chepelare, Rozhen.

We also offer adrenaline routes:

These routes require waterproof trousers, a jacket and gloves. A perfect opportunity for recreation, no matter how old you are. Muddy or difficult routes for a real 4×4 experience. It is suitable NOT ONLY for men. It is recommended that you carry a video camera or a camera. Get ready, if there is more mud, to be washed up by a water-jet.