ATV Plovdiv offers the service ATV tours (ATV rent) around Plovdiv and in the area of the Rhodope core. For all who want to escape from everyday stress, ATV Plovdiv offers a lot of adventure, extreme tours, fabulous exotic places that will make you forget all worries and problems and enjoy the beauties of the Rhodope mountains.

ATV Plovdiv offers you the freedom of riding extremely off-road ATVs and to see the mountain from a different point of view. This is the only way you can touch the soul of nature and inhale the fresh mountain air. You will also see beauties and sights without feeling tired of walking, you will feel the adrenaline from riding and the pleasant emotions it brings. Only 15 minutes away from Plovdiv, you will gain experience and the sense of beauty and grandeur of one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful mountains – the Rhodope. ATV tours are sports suitable for people of all ages, seeking relaxation, spectacular experience and a lot of adrenaline. The numerous routes we have chosen for you through the Rhodope core have varying degree of difficulty.

We offer individual programs – routes for different interests and with different duration. Full-day and several-days offers. Trained guides.

Great beauties and scenery in the routes for a photo-safari. Customized offers for relaxation and high-adrenaline experience. Adventures in virgin and wild nature guarantee you unforgettable experiences.