For all who cannot overcome their fear and drive an ATV or who find it too dangerous, we offer a peaceful and enjoyable jeep ride. The best way to see the Rhodope Mountains or the Sredna gora Mountains – fast, safe and enjoyable. The jeep ride combines breathtaking views with adrenaline rising off-road experience. Enjoy the magnificent views that otherwise you cannot see for two reasons – first, you don’t know where they are, and second – even if you knew, you wouldn’t want to go there by your personal car, and most probably you wouldn’t be able to.

Are you curious to see the beauties of the Rhodope Mountains or the Sredna gora Mountains?


With our team you have the perfect opportunity to do that.

Crossing rivers, climbing peaks, beautiful scenery, fresh air and unforgettable experiences are what Jeep ride guarantees for.

A real adventure, to which customers are also a lot of women and children.

If you want you can present yourself or your friends and beloved ones with one day, or even more. A day that ATV Plovdiv will make an unforgettable memory for you. If you are enthusiastic, keep a precious memory of the Rhodope Mountains. That’s why we strongly recommend that you have a camera close at hand and be able to capture the wonderful views our team will offer to you.

Our programs are suitable for people with different preferences. Everyone who wants to subdue majestic peaks, beautiful rivers and lakes, can contact us.

At your desire we may stop for a rest or a barbeque. In several-days tours we provide places for rest in huts and family hotels.